Monday, 21 January 2013

Continued Learning at CRHP

Friday morning, we finally got to tour CRHP's hospital.  Two of the interns took us around and explained how the hospital works.  The hospital, in line with the Jamkhed model, works to provide care at the lowest possible cost.  Family members are important caregivers while their loved ones are in the hospital.  We got to see the maternity ward, operating rooms, ICU, and both the female and male wards.  There were only five patients on this day in the hospital, yet as the interns explained, some days are extremely busy!  Many families in the area have migrated for seasonal work and therefore this is a slower time for the hospital.

One of the patients we met was a 10 month old baby girl named Nikita.  She came to the hospital a few months ago with a severe infection on her right leg and has had various operations to ensure she will have normal functioning.  She is very sweet and loves to smile.  Another patient we met is named Reshma who has been living in the hospital for two years.  She came to CRHP when 60 percent of her body suffered severe burns and has become somewhat of a poster child for the hospital and visits other patients daily to cheer them up.  She loves to paint and draw and her pictures were beautiful.

In the afternoon we talked about mental health with Shobha which was very interesting because of the differences in problems faced by Americans and Indians in this aspect of health.  We also were given an assignment called Dream Island through which we split into three groups and were challenged with creating our own society from scratch.  The scenario was that there were only 50 people left on an island, and it was our task to come up with an island name, guidelines, flag, national anthem, and spirituality component.  It was a fun activity and more challenging than many of us had expected.

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